One satisfying and environmentally friendly method of growing this tasty herb in the comfort of your own home is to grow green onions without soil. So, learn how to grow green onions using hydroponics, an environmentally friendly technique that does away with the need for conventional soil.

The following supplies are needed to get started:

  • Five-liter plastic bottles, cleaned and emptied
  • A plastic tray that only fits on the bottle’s surface.
  • Onion bulbs, red or yellow, with the tops removed
  • A cable
  • Water and a plastic wrap

How to grow green onions with a hydroponic system:

  • Keeping the top half intact, then cut the 5-liter plastic bottles in half horizontally. The top part will hold the growing green onions, and the bottom half will act as a reservoir for water.
  • Make sure the plastic tray fits tightly into the upper portion of the bottle. The bottle should flood only the top of the tray. To let water through, drill or cut a lot of big holes in the tray.
  • Thread the cable through the perforations after laying it across the tray.Verify that you insert the cable into the bottle’s water. The rope will supply water to the roots of the onions, acting as a wick.
  • So slice off the tops of red or yellow onions. To allow new roots to grow, clean the bottom of the bulb by removing any dead ones. We’ll arrange these cooked onions on the platter.
  • Arrange the prepared onions on the tray, ensuring that the cable comes in contact with each root section of the onion. Spread the onions equally so that they cover the whole surface of the tray.
  • Wrap plastic wrap around the bottle’s top. Because of the greenhouse effect that will result, the onions will grow more quickly in a regulated environment. Keep the plastic wrap on the onions until they sprout.
  • Make sure the water reservoir is at the lower part of the filled bottle. The water will be drawn up by the rope and fed to the roots of the onions. So, Maintain a constant water level to encourage strong growth.

Gathering and replanting:

  • You can pick the green onions once they are at the desired length. When necessary, trim the green tops with cutters so that the remaining parts can keep growing.
  • In fact, when harvesting, save a few inches of the white base with roots. It will grow again if you put it back in the water.

As a result, to successfully grow green onions without soil, it is essential to choose a suitable hydroponic or aquaponic system, monitor and maintain optimal nutrient concentrations, and ensure proper lighting for photosynthesis. Regular observation of plant health and adjusting parameters as needed will contribute to a thriving and productive green onion harvest.

Q1: How to store green onions in water like cut flowers?

A1: To keep the green onions fresh, just put them in a glass or jar with enough water to cover the roots. After that, change the water every several days.

Q2: What container or pot is best for growing green onions from scraps?

A2: Choose a pot or container that drains effectively and has a minimum depth of 6 inches.

Q3: How to cut green onions without making a mess?

A3: Using a solid cutting board and a sharp knife will help reduce mess. While maintaining a firm grip, carefully cut the green onion.

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